You sit down to watch the latest episode of your favourite TV show or perhaps that football match you have been waiting to come on and your TV picture keeps breaking up with static and crackling. Many people will have met this fate and it can be very frustrating. One of the biggest causes of a poor TV picture is due to the fact that the aerial on the roof is on its way out or possibly the cables are damaged. This is unfortunate as in both cases it means you are going to have to call out a company offering TV aerial repairs. However if you are lucky there are some DIY solutions that will put your picture right and you could get back to watching TV in all its glory in just a few minutes and without spending a penny. So take a look at these DIY solutions for a poor TV picture.

Check Your Freeview Box and Cabling

If you are watching TV through a Freeview box attached to your TV and aerial then it could be something to do with the actual set-top box and not the aerial itself. This is something that only takes a few minutes to check and you can do it yourself without any knowledge of how the set-top box works or little experience in DIY.

The first thing you should do when checking the Freeview set-top box yourself is turn it off. Next move the box out gently so that you can see it and check to make sure that all the cabling is firmly in place as it should be. If you have a dog or cat it is possible that they may have been around the back of the TV and set-top box and could have pulled the cables loose. Loose cabling can cause crackles and lines on your TV picture. If any cables are loose push them back into place and then turn the set-top box back on. You should also check the cables in the back of the TV along with those that go into the set-top box.

You might also want to be aware that other electrical devices near to your set-top box, such as lamps, could be causing interference. So you might want to ensure that you don’t place other electrical devices close to your set-top box.

TIP: If you have lost your TV picture altogether and you have a rainbow formation or green solid block of colour on your TV this is an indication that the issue lies with the SCART cable or that the cable is loose.

If your cables and the set-top box are good then the issue may be down to your roof aerial and you may need a company offering TV aerial repairs. It could be that the aerial has come out of alignment or has come to the end of its life and needs replacing.

Digital Satellite Realignment

If you are watching TV through a digital satellite it might be that the satellite dish has become misaligned or it needs repairing. However it may also be an issue with your TV so first you can try to re-tune your TV so that it picks up all the signals again. If this is the case it is best left to a TV aerial company to come and realign your satellite dish, unless you have some knowledge about the optimal position that the satellite dish should be pointing in and the skills and tools to undertake the job.

TIP: It is worth bearing in mind that heavy rain and satellite dishes don’t go well together. Heavy rain pounding on the satellite dish can cause disruptions with the picture, so if you are having temporary issues with the picture on your TV and there is a heavy rain storm, this could be the reason. In this case you may want to wait until the rain storm subsides before calling out an aerial company to take a look at the dish as the picture may return to normal after the rain ceases.

Check Your Digital Cables and Splitters

Many issues that lead to a poor TV picture involve the digital cables or splitters. The trouble with this is that it can be very difficult to pinpoint where the glitches are occurring with the cabling. They do however cause TV picture issues that are very similar to when the aerial or satellite dish has become misaligned.

More often than not it will take a professional TV aerial repair company to find out the issue with cabling and more so if it is the cabling up on the roof that is at fault. However you can check cables that are inside the home, along with any leads. If you have wired up a splitter to re-route to another room in the house this should be checked too.

TIP: To find out if the issue lies with the splitter you should disconnect it and attach the satellite cable directly to the TV. If all is well this way then it could be an issue with the splitter or the fact that the signal isn’t strong enough to be split.

Bear in mind that cables can wear out, so if you are using old cables it may pay to get new ones to try before calling in professionals.

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